The management of Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corporation considers it important that economic growth should not equate
to the extraction of additional raw materials.

“We are working today for your tomorrow!”


It also offers a variety on pavement, building and sound insulation elements.

"Mobile wall"


Individual need

The AMEC™ 'mobile-wall'

In addition to its exceptional properties, the AMEC™ “mobile wall” is also a useful product when it comes to mobility. These solid cubes are connected to each other like Lego blocks, without binder. It can be installed quickly in any length and layout, several times. Its high load-bearing capacity, sound, heat and water insulation properties make it a cost-efficient solution in several areas e.g., the walls of underground premises and interior partition walls, as no further insulation is required, but it’s also been used for outdoor vinyl swimming pools.

Due to its material structure, it also performed excellently in shooting range tests; its ability to absorb projectiles is maximal even at large caliber.


500mm x 250mm x 250mm



1 m2:

8 piece

The AMEC™ pavement

Due to its light weight, AMEC™ pavement is cheaper to transport, simpler and faster to work with; its flexibility makes it easier to cut, and it shows a more exciting surface than conventional concrete pavements.

It is also a substitute for asphalt due to its material structure properties performing its function from passenger to truck traffic.

Their design makes them connect to each other perfectly; they cannot move, and any damaged element can be quickly replaced.

A durable and sophisticated solution for paving industrial facilities, garages, car parks and bicycle paths.

It can be rented from us as a mobile carpet for outdoor events, temporary parking lots, concerts, even with transport and installation services.


412mm x 412 m x 30mm or 60mm thickness


3kg/30mm, 5.5kg/60mm, 3.6kg/60mm "grass paver"

1 m2:

11.3 piece

AMEC™ individual need

Easy to cut, AMEC™ pavement install: 1min/1m2 (concrete pavers: 15min/1m2)

The engineers of AMEC™ product development department are also able to provide solutions for individual needs be it PVC-based products of any size, masonry elements, sound insulation panels, noise reduction walls near motorways, lane dividers or public space furniture.

Our keyword is:

Currently, the economy is linear, i.e. ‘extract-produce-consume-dispose’. Its results today are depleted raw material stocks,
increased energy demand and growing landfills. All business lines of our company are organised for environmentally conscious thinking, which we take to schools in the form of presentations and we also support the operation of environmental organisations, where the primary aspect is the prevention and elimination of the ecological damage.

Aerisoul Metal & Energy Corp. s.r.o.

The company established a plastics processing plant where it manufactures various building materials
from PVC and plastic-based by-products generated on its own waste processing line. The characteristics of these raw materials
make the products exceptionally durable to the natural elements as well as chemical substances.

Flexible, impact-resistant

Stable material-structure connection

Perfect thermal insulation

Waterproof, freeze-resistant

Perfect waterproofing ability


Recycled product


Solid structure



AMEC™ branded

The AMEC™ branded eco- friendly building materials received distribution authorization and the corresponding quality certificates. In addition to
environmental considerations, the company has placed particular importance on long life and dimensional accuracy as well. The product range also includes several types of pavements, building and sound insulation elements.


Quality certification

Great sound insulation

Perfect dimensional accuracy


Long service life




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The quality operation of our company is ensured by

ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 45001 and WEEELABEX quality certificates and Waste Management Permits.

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